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Faulty Cartridges

Procedure for a faulty cartridge.

We will always replace a faulty cartridge under warranty, Very rarely do we need them returned to us, so if you can follow the instructions below it will save you having to return the cartridge and we can replace it straight away.

Wait for at least 7 days after receiving the replacement before you throw the faulty in the bin as we might need it but that is rare.

The cartridge has a small white sticker on it called a Batch Number. It has a series of numbers and letters and possibly a barcode. THE BATCH NUMBER IS NOT ON THE BOX! IT IS ON THE CARTRIDGE ITSELF!



The batch number will look something like the photo above.

Can you please take a photo of this sticker and SMS it to 0400 376-017 along with your Name, the cartridge type and colour and your order number.

The more details you put in the message the less questions we have to ask and the quicker you will receive a replacement.

If your cartridge does not have a sticker the numbers might be printed on the cartridge. You will need to look closely.

Please do not throw the cartridge out for at least 7 days in case we need it back.

If you have not heard from us within 7 days of receiving the replacement then it is ok to dispose of the faulty cartridge.

The Batch Number is on the CARTRIDGE itself, not the box. We receive hundreds of SMS messages a month on this mobile. Please give us as much information as you can to speed up your return. Name, Order number, Colour of toner, toner product code etc..